Part of being in 4th grade is learning how to become an independent learner.  This process takes some guidance and support from parents at home.

Some  ways  to  ensure  this  process  are:

  • Please do a weekly binder and supply check with your children to help keep them organized and prepared for class.
  • Any papers in sheet protectors or hold punched in binder are to be left in binder as a classroom resource.
  • Loose papers need to be filed or removed

Binders are expected to have the necessary supplies at any given time.  Random binder checks will be completed and students who have all necessary materials will be reward.  For a list of expected materials click here.

Point Sheets

  • Point Sheets help students (and parents) keep track of progress in self-management as well as academics.
  • Action Lists are filled out with homework at the end of each class. If students do not have homework “NH” will be written. blank lines mean they didn’t fill it in.
  • Please sign them and have them return it on Monday.
    (Scholar Dollars are not awarded for self-management points if point sheets are not returned.)