Homework Expectations

  • Students will have nightly fluencies indicated with an FA on their Action List.
  • Please have a designated time and place for your child to complete their homework.
  • As teachers, we are working HARD to create independent thinkers in 4th Grade.
  • Fourth graders are expected to receive 60-90 min. of homework nightly.
  • If you notice your child is taking more than 2 hrs. daily please contact me.

Problem Solving

If students are send to problem solving they will be sent to the Science Lab with Ms. Bedwell to owe time and/or complete work.

Students may be sent to problem solving for any of the following:

  • Missed homework assignments
  • Incomplete class work
  • Inappropriate classroom behavior

If your child attends problem solving a letter will be sent home to let you know they attended and for what purpose.